Product Protectant Activity (pre-infection) Post-Infection Activity (hours)1 Post-Symptom Activity Retention (50 mm rain) Redistribution (12 mm rain)
 Buran  N 30-90  VG  N
 Copper 53 W   G  G  G
 Copper Spray  G  G  G
 Cosavet DF Edge  F  N  N  F-G  F-G
 Cueva  G  G  G
 Dithane   Rainshield  VG  18-24  N  E2  V-VG
 Flint  VG  48-723  G  E  G
 Fontelis  E  48  E  F-G
 Inspire Super  VG  483  E  VG  G
 Kumulus DF  F  N  N  F-G  F-G
 Luna Tranquility  E  48  E  F-G
 Maestro 80 WSP  VG  18-24  N  VG  G
Manzate Pro-Stick  VG  18-24  N  E2  G-VG
Microscopic Sulphur WP  F  N  N  F-G  F-G
Microthiol Disperss  F  N  N  F-G  F-G
Nova  F  72-963  G-VG  F2  F2
Parasol Flowable  G  G  G
Penncozeb 75 DF Raincoat  VG  18-24  N  E2  G-VG
Scala SC  G  48-72  N  G
Senator 50 SC  F  18-24  VG  G  F
Sercadis  VG  48  F  E  G
Sovran  VG  48-723  G  E  F2
Supra Captan 80 WSP  VG  18-24  N  VG  G
Syllit 400 FL  VG  18-24  VG  VG  G

E = Excellent. VG = Very good. G = Good. F = Fair. N = None. — = Indicates no information is available.

1 Maximum post-infection activity is calculated from the start of the infection period. Length of activity can be dependent on temperature (e.g., longer activity in cooler temperatures).

2 Values are based on field observations.

3 Post-Infection activity of sterol inhibitor (Nova and Inspire Super) and strobilurin (Flint and Sovran) fungicides may be reduced in orchards where scab populations have shifted towards resistance.

Data is adapted from Cornell Pest Management Recommendations for Commercial Tree Fruit Production. The post-infection activity of these fungicides may not be adequate to control primary scab in commercial orchards. Do not rely solely on post-infection activity. Some products and formulations have not been evaluated (e.g., Allegro 500 F, Aprovia Top, Cevya, Cueva, Excalia, Folpan 80 WDG, Fullback 125 SC, Kenja 400 SC, Oxidate 2.0, Pristine WG, Regalia and Serenade OPTI). Contact the manufacturer for more information.