Cultivar Scab Fire Blight Powdery Mildew Rusts1
Ambrosia  VS  S  R  S
Belmac  R  T  R
Braeburn  S  VS  S  S
Cameo  S  S  R  S
Cortland  VS  S  S  S
Crimson Crisp  VR  T  T  S
Delicious (Red)  S  R  T  VR
Delicious (Golden)  S  S  VS  S
Dayton  VR  R  T  T
Early McIntosh  S  R  T  R
Empire  VS  R  S  R
Enterprise  VR  R  S  R
Freedom  VR  VR  R  R
Fuji  S  VS  R  varied
Gala  VS  VS  S  varied
Ginger Gold  VS  VS  S  VS
GoldRush  VR  T  S  S
Gravenstein  S  S  VS  varied
Honeycrisp  T  R  S  S
SIdared  S  VS  S  VS
Jerseymac  VS  S  S  VR
Jonagold  S  VS  S  R
Jonamac  S  S  S  R
Jonathan  S  VS  VS  S
Liberty  VR  R  R  VR
Lodi  S  VS  R  S
Macoun  VS  S  T  R
McIntosh  VS  S  T  VR
Mutsu (Crispin)  VS  VS  S  S
Northern Spy  S  S  S  S
Novamac  VR  VR  VR  VR
Nova Spy  R  S  MR
Paulared  R  VS  T  R
Pink Lady  VS  VS  R  R
Pristine  VR  R  R  S
Silken  VS  VS  S  VS
Stayman  VS  S  VS  S
Wealthy  S  S  S  VS
Zestar!  S  S  R  S


VS = Very susceptible. S = Susceptible. T = Tolerant (moderately resistant under ideal conditions). R = Resistant. VR = Very resistant. — = Indicates information is not available.

1 Rusts include cedar-apple rust and quince rust. Resistance in a cultivar may vary depending on type of rust.

Adapted from Beckerman, J. (2006). Disease Susceptibility of Common Apple Cultivars. Purdue Extension BP-132-W and Cline, J., Warner, J. Wilson, K. & Zandstra, J. (1998). Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars. Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs, Factsheet 98-013.