Nematode Thresholds for Fruit Crops

Type of Nematode Economic Threshold (nematodes/kg soil)
Root-lesion 1,000 (exception: 500 on strawberries)
Root-knot 1,000
Pin 5,000
Dagger 100
Bulb and stem 100
  • Nematode problems are most often found in sandy-loam and sandy soils. Always sample these soils for nematode populations before planting fruit crops.
  • Root-lesion and root-knot nematode problems are not usually found in clay or clay-loam soils. Sample these soils for nematodes before planting in replant sites or where susceptible crops have been recently grown.
  • Sample clay or clay-loam soils for dagger nematode before planting on virus-susceptible grape, raspberry or tree fruit.

For more information, see OMAFRA Factsheet, Sampling Soil and Roots for Plant Parasitic Nematodes. Information on how to sample soil for nematodes and where to send the samples can be found in Appendix B: Diagnostic Services